Two Ways of Color Matching

1. Contrasting Colors Match

Contrasting colors match refers to two pretty different colors matching such as yellow and purple, red and green.

In our daily life, the most common colors match we often see is black, white and gray with other colors. Black, white and gray do not belong to any color tones. Thus, no matter what color they go with, it’s always right. In general, if a color goes with white, it will be brighter. Then when it matches black, it will look darker. Therefore, before you make clothing colors match, you should be sure to enhance which part of your clothing. And do not match too many colors, for example, if dark brown and dark purple go with dark, it will make a “grab main color” effect to show no emphasis on the whole set and also it will make clothing look heavy and dark. Black with yellow is the most dazzling match. And red with black is pretty grand but also charming.

2. Complementary Colors Match

Complementary color match means the combination of two relative colors, such as red and green, cyan and orange, black and white. Complementary colors can make a vivid comparison and also make a comparatively good effect. Black and white is a classics forever.

Among complementary colors match, it can also be divided into two kinds: colors of same kind match and similar colors match.

  1. The principle of colors of same kind match means the match of the same color with different shades. such as cyan with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red etc. Garments with similar colors look elegant. Pink colors match can make people look much gentler.
  2. Similar colors math means the match of two closer colors, like red with orange red or purplish red, yellow with grass green or orange-yellow and so on. Not everyone is perfect in green. Green with bright yellow can make a feeling of spring and can make the whole clothing very simple but also elegant.

Colors match of professional women clothing. Work places for professional women dressed in formal clothing are offices. Light chroma can make them work carefully and deal with different problems in a calm way. And also build a quite atmosphere. In limited working places, people often want more personal space. Wearing light chroma will increase the distance between others and reduce the feeling of crowding.

Colors of low purity are easier to coordinate with other colors which enhances harmony and kindness between people and helps to form a situation of cooperation. Besides, due to this characteristic, you can make more collocations with limited clothing. At the same time, the low purity always makes people feel modest, tolerant and mature. Making good use of the color language makes professional women easier to win the attention and trust of others.


Clothing Colors Divided into Three Kinds

Green stands for nature. From the last fall and winter, green is one of the popular colors and is still in fashion this year. Among green colors, the light and soft green says more about spring which makes you look like the bright sunshine.
Grass Green
It’s absolutely right to couple basic colors with grass green. While, in order to enhance the feeling of spring, yellow, blue and other bright colors are also suitable for the colorful and lively spring.
Light Green
Light green, due to the character of itself, is easily engorged by people. Matching with vivid colors can show it well or matching with yellow to give people a sense of spring.
Olive Green
Light green is best to match with blue, especial for water blue. You will be surprised at the feeling of fresh spring.

Blue always makes us feel fresh like the sea. Add more graceful blue tones to enjoy sweet spring.
Water Blue
Matching with different dark blue tones is the most popular color matching way. Besides, hot red tones or pure white color is also worth trying.

If you like to choose the color with brinish feeling, the red striped shirt is a rather perfect choice to show the beauty of turquoise. You must have a try!
It’s a wonderful choice to combine sapphire with pink. If matching with popular striped dresses, it can add more girlish feeling not cute feeling.
Dark Ciel
Dark ciel can match with red and white. It’s a good choice to combine pink showing a sense of fresh. You can have a try.
Pink is one of the popular colors this spring. Try to match with kelly pantskirts and remember to use bright colors for the lower part of the body. So it won’t be too old.
Ruby Red
Maybe you think that red with red is too exaggerate, actually, it’s pretty popular and cute. The key to showing the beauty of ruby red is that the top should not be plain colors.

It’s always right to combine yellow with contrast colors. And coupled with earth tones will be showing a sense of liberality and elegance. So each pretty girl can make different choices based on your needs.
Light Beige
The fashion of this year is matching with the same color long dresses. You can be a mature, graceful and pretty girl with a light beige top and a long dark beige dress.
Using colors well can not only hide the shortage of your body but also enhance your beauty. For example, it’s better for the pear shape to use dark and soft material dresses and pants to slim the fat legs. As for tall and full females, it’s proper to use dark color coats. This way is suitable for most people unless you have a perfect shape.

Some girls always think the more colors the better. Actually it’s not sure. Whether garments are pretty or not, the key is the perfect color matching and the suitable age, season and local cultural not high prices. The proper way of matching colors is to ensure a main color and use a litter of other colors to make a contrast effect or to enhance the main point of the body.

Clothing Color Matching

The colors of red, yellow, orange and similar colors are considered as warm colors as they make people feel warm. While green and blue colors make people feel cold. They are called cold colors. And the colors of green and purple are middle colors.

It’s a rule to choose warm colors in winter and to choose cold colors in summer. Only matching clothing colors harmony can make the garments look elegant and decent.

Useful Tips of Picking Clothing Colors:

Tip 1: Choose a main color and match with similar colors.

Tip 2: Choose a main color and add some contrasting colors to make a sense of elegant.

The strong contrasting colors are used for theatrical costume and are not suitable for daily wear.

In terms of clothing designs, the best way to show the appreciation ability of clothing is the color matching. As for our appearance, the most time is judged by others except the moment of standing at the mirror. Therefore, we should abandon our objective favorites and match colors perfectly in a general way. It’s the key to wearing clothing.

The Clothes Color Matching (I)

The same color matching. It is the most convenient and basic color matching method. The same color refers to different color tones of a series of same or similar colors due to lightness changes. The same color matching can make a demure and quiet effect. It’s suitable for elegant mature women. While, something you must be cared using this color matching. The lightness of deviation between colors should be used well. If the color tones are too similar, it will be easily confused, lacking of layering. While if the color tones are too different, it will be easily cut the whole apart. As for the same color matching, it’s best to use deep, middle and light three colors. Matching less than three can be monotone or be tedious.

The clothes matching of similar colors. The similar color system means the color wheel within about 90 degrees such as red and orange, orange and olivine, olivine and green, green and cyanoze. The clothing matching of similar colors varies much, and still can make a harmonious and unified whole effect. It’s preferred by females.

The clothes matching of main color. This color can be used with different contrasting colors, but to make sure a main color. It should be consistent with the whole clothing and the keynote. The main color in the whole set of clothing should take up a large proportion or play an important role. The secondary color option should also come with the whole keynote of clothing.

How nice to meet a person!

When promises are just like the broken window paper, can’t keep out wind and rain foryou anymore, loneliness will fill up your heart. At this time, a person, familiar or strange comes close and says to you: “You are so lucky that haven’t been fell down by the broken window paper.”

So, you shake off all the despair immediately. And say: it’s so nice to meet a person.

An overboard option has led a miserable fail. The diffident just likes a razor making your broken heart even colder. You burst out weeping in the wilds alone. Then A person who carries the simple package and passes by you, he seems to say that: it’s to make fail change your option or let your option overcome fail. It’s always better to move on. Therefore, you stand up and say: Despair can never make a successful man!

How nice to meet a person during the troublesome and despairing time of life!