Wear jewelry according to the costume

Jewelry is in accordance with the laws of the United States shape, used to decorate people instrument has some unique decorations. Jewelry in the overall effect of clothing occupies a certain position in the long-term aesthetic practice, it is recognized that the artistic value of jewelry and clothing is produced together. Clothes and jewelry, once worn on the human body, will become an organic part of people’s appearance, contrast, foil and reflect the people’s inner temperament. Jewelry and clothing as if the relationship between safflower and green leaves. Thus, jewelry and clothing is the interaction and complement each other, and only in the perfect unity of the two, will show a complete and harmonious beauty.


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Jewelry and clothing to match it?


  1. Jewelry should match the color of the garment


From the perspective of costume beauty, the color effect of the whole dress should be pleasing to the eye and harmonious and unified, but because of the characteristics of jewelry color, it is often in the entire costumes play a “finishing touch”, “icing on the cake” . When the color of the clothing is too monotonous and calm, so that you can use bright and varied jewelry color to refresh. When the color of clothing is a bit strong and messy, but also the use of simple and subtle jewelry color to ease the atmosphere.


When wearing jewelry, we must first pay attention to jewelry and clothing between the two tone is harmonious, is the same color or contrast tone.


The same color


Refers to the color of the same or similar color with, for example, crimson and light red, red and pink, dark green and green, white and pink, blue and green. Select the same color can make jewelry and clothing complement each other more appropriate in autumn and winter.


For example, in the late fall season, the brown skirt, paired with a transparent amber bracelet and brooch. Frozen winter, fur coat coupled with elegant gold earrings and gold bracelet, not only looks elegant, bearing extraordinary, but also gives a sense of warmth and a sense of harmony. Contrast tone refers to the color of the two large, deep shading, can form a sharp contrast. For example, black and white, red and black, red and purple, red and green, yellow and green, blue and orange.


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Romantic” Love Story”Book Design Pendant Necklaces For Lover Stainless Steel

Contrast tone


Selection of contrast colors can make jewelry and clothing to achieve the effect of complement each other, spring and summer more appropriate.


For example, the early spring season, blue suit with orange tie clip; the occasion of the summer, green dress coupled with a bunch of crystal crystal necklace, not only looks handsome, but also gives a sense of affection.


  1. Jewelry should match the style of clothing


To the United States was just right, when wearing jewelry, clothing styles must also be considered. Generally loose clothing with rough, loose jewelry; tight body to reveal the clothes, the choice of compact small jewelry. That is to say the style of jewelry and clothing to be synchronized.


For example, large neckline dress, choose a long necklace; pick a small choice of short necklace; neck collar necklace with a choice of accessories. Cheongsam and wedding dress collar although no openings, but also should be coupled with a longer bead necklace. This side seems dignified and stylish.


If the clothing is a hook-woven through the exposed, the best jewelry should be woven or carved polished carved. For example, gold necklace, silk bracelet, wire-filling ring is very appropriate.


  1. Jewelry should be matched with the fabric of clothing


The pace of modern life, so that people’s interests and hobbies have undergone tremendous changes. People’s clothing fabrics are also more and more extensive requirements. Followed by the jewelry material should also be colorful, and its price and materials should also be matched with the clothing. Such as luxurious fur coat, coupled with glass, plastic, wood for the material of jewelry, it will Qiu Yi eclipsed, it seems incongruous. The reason is that the two prices, material very far apart. If coupled with gold, diamonds, jewelry, will make the two shine, extraordinary temperament.


In addition, although the feather brooch, amber earrings, amber necklace and other prices are not too high, but with Qiu Yi equipment, but also Taiga. Because the two materials, similar color, the same will make people feel harmonious, harmonious, Maria good.


  1. Jewelry should be with the nation’s clothing ** popular match


For example, Europe and the United States to see more geometric lines of jewelry patterns, without patterns, lively and free theme, which with their cheerful and unrestrained, uninhibited freedom of national character and developed science and technology echoes. Another example is the pattern of our jewelry to the majority of dragon and phoenix, reflecting the artistic characteristics of our nation. Zhuang, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong women like to wear a variety of silver jewelry. Silver variety of rich and varied. Such as the Yao Yao Yao has big horns silver, big silver hairpin, silver tack, butterfly hairpin, collar, earrings, chest hanging chain, rectangular silver buckle, tobacco boxes and so on. Silver pattern generally dragon and phoenix, birds and animals, flowers mainly.


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