How nice to meet a person!

When promises are just like the broken window paper, can’t keep out wind and rain foryou anymore, loneliness will fill up your heart. At this time, a person, familiar or strange comes close and says to you: “You are so lucky that haven’t been fell down by the broken window paper.”

So, you shake off all the despair immediately. And say: it’s so nice to meet a person.

An overboard option has led a miserable fail. The diffident just likes a razor making your broken heart even colder. You burst out weeping in the wilds alone. Then A person who carries the simple package and passes by you, he seems to say that: it’s to make fail change your option or let your option overcome fail. It’s always better to move on. Therefore, you stand up and say: Despair can never make a successful man!

How nice to meet a person during the troublesome and despairing time of life!