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Boots – Essential For Sexy Fall Fashion

When you think of boots, do you think of slushy roads and sidewalks in the winter? Do you think of clunky, ugly footwear that is meant only to keep your feet dry and warm, not to complement your cute winter wardrobe? Then it’s time for you to think again.

Many shoe designers are catching on to the fact that the right pair of boots can be an attractive addition to any fall or winter wardrobe. Many women love the look of boots and love the way that men pay attention to their shape and height. If you are looking for something to elevate your warmer winter outfits, you should know how to go about buying a sexy pair of boots. One thing that you should know before buying your first (or maybe your fifth) pair of boots is that it is never attractive to wear boots when it is not the right season.

In some cases a sweet pair of moccasin boots can be hot in the summer time, but wearing big, wooly boots with a mini skirt to a barbeque is never cute, no matter how many celebrities may be doing it. While we’re on the topic, it is debatable whether boots with miniskirts is ever really attractive, even in winter, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfits.

A time when it is perfectly acceptable to wear some sleek high boots is when you’re going out to the club. Dancing feels great in a hot pair of heels and it will only look and feel better in a sexy pair of boots. The kind of boots that you choose should have everything to do with the kind of clothes that you like to wear, and the things that make you comfortable. If you don’t think you’ll be able to dance in stiletto boots, you can always opt for something more traditional, with a thicker, more stable heel. Something else you should know about buying boots is that once again the short, ankle boot is back in style.

These boots are great for wearing with pants in the colder months, as they will give you height without any of the bother of boots that go all the way up your calf. If you like to live life on the funkier side, you can also wear ankle boots with some leggings and a short skirt or dress. Be forewarned, however, that this will not look as good on the shorter legged ladies.