Jessica Alba Wears What!

Super sexy in sparkling Balmain, Miss Alba works sequins the summer way with bare, bronzed legs and tousled beach hair.It takes real fashion guts to step onto the red carpet in neon orange, so we’ve got to applaud Jessica’s bravery in this Prada prom dress – and seriously blinging statement necklace – she wore to a New York gala.Mastering all of the season’s trends back in January in a pair of “I-mean-business” work boots, distressed denim and a Rick Owens leather jacket. Love, love, love this look!


Fashion in Berlin

Berlin is known as a fashion city, lets take a look on the street of Berlin, not on the show girl of the fashion week. These photos all taken by random people on the street, they might be normal to you but very special in my eyes. Beauty in the life is cozy, comfort. No need to make up, just with a scarf or wearing your coat can be very fashion. Let’s check it out!

You Are Not A Teenager Anymore!

This past week has been cold.Photographer Taylor James certainly knows how to capture everything that I am failing to get out of life. These grungy, teen-angst ridden photos makes me wish I was 19 again. Then I remember that I wouldn’t be able to go to bars yet and that thought quickly subsides. What is it about these free-spirited teen idols that we are so drawn to? check it out while here I continue pondering the meaning of life.

The Way to Wear Your Jeans Right

It sounds easy wearing a pair of  jeans, but actually care must be taken. Like dark clothes will tend to fade in the washing process. Black jeans are no exception. 

But how to wear your Jeans out right? How is that?

Here are some instructions to teach you to do that:
1. Dye your jeans, more colorful,the better looking they are.

2. Wear  the jeans until washed out white.

3. Spill some paint on them

4. Rub some grease while you fix the bicycle.

5. Work out, wear the jeans topless.

6. If all the instructions above are not working, please hang them home.

Now  you know how to wear your jeans right. You are welcome❤